Make do and recycle for ballet?

This afternoon is all about sewing but not the bad kind of sewing. Not necessarily the good kind either (is there such a thing?) but certainly bearable sewing.

My ballet warm ups are littered with recycleds: socks that became holey are now legwarmers, cardigans that are no longer fit for work are tossed on over leotards, woolly socks that are too warm for daily wear are worn over ballet shoes before class, dead tights become warm up tops.

This afternoon is about converting my mismatched knee high hand knit socks to legwarmers (they don’t stay up and bag everywhere!) and my holey woolly tights into leggings to wear over my ballet tights. I’ve also got to put some buttons on the seed stitch neck warmer I knitted over Christmas.

It could be worse. But at least I’ve got Doctor Who on demand for company. That time Giles from Buffy morphed into the Demon Headmaster, anyone?



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