January by numbers

Tell me three good things about January, my colleague implored me mere hours into our working lives of 2014. I got as far as ‘the days start to get fractionally longer’ and ‘cheap post Christmas chocolate’ before I ran fresh out of ideas.

For one of my Christmas Snowman (family tradition, long story) presents I was given a beautiful Cath Kidston notebook which I have designated ‘The Big Book of All Things 2014’. It means, lucky for you, I can tell you all the brilliant things about January…

Books read: 23 (vg, although 7 of them were by Laura Ingalls Wilder…)
Books bought: 9, ish. I’ve not really kept track of my amazon spending. Ahem.
Ballet classes taken: 16 (good). I was a couple of classes behind schedule owing to a delayed start back because one of my studios is undergoing extensive refurb (it’s JUST like hogwarts at the moment and that is great).
Ballets seen: 5 (excellent). I saw the Royal Ballet in the Nutcracker (now want to drink pink gin cocktails with Laura Morera’s Rose Fairy), Jewels (Morera perfection in Emeralds and Natalia Osipova/Steven McRae/Melissa Hamilton KILLED it in Rubies) and Giselle (oh. My. Holy. Osipova). I also saw ENB’s Le Corsaire (Daria Klimentova = totally darling) and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (jolly good fun).
Knitting projects completed: 2 (fail), a stripy slouchy beret and a blanket for my Impending Nephew.
Times I left london: 0. Total fail.
Teevee I loved: Sherlock. Call the Midwife. The Musketeers.
Teevee I continue to have a complex relationship with: Dancing on Ice
Culinary adventures: mostly soup related for lunches but I have instigated ‘Cake of Scientific Inquiry’ at work to try and make us like things in cake that we shouldn’t. So far I have converted at least two people to carrot cake. My next project involves apricots which I claim have no redeeming features…




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3 responses to “January by numbers

  1. katherinea

    Good things about January:
    1) Declaring it Ginuary and tasting lots of gin.
    The End

  2. I do love this by the numbers post, largely because I can relate to so much, including — squee! — Laura Ingalls Wilder. I just reread the Little House series myself! I have since moved on to the Anne of Green Gables. How is it that those childhood favorites simply BEG to be reread every so often no matter how many years removed you are from that stage of life!

    I’ve also gotten back into knitting… Downton Abbey is finally airing in the US, so I’ve got a mystery KAL to go along with that and a Jane Austen-inspired shawl to tide me over between clues. And in the culinary world I threw out my old, nasty sourdough starter and made up a new one from some apple cider turned funky and it made the most amazing bread… and just the other day I used some to make my first ever batch of homemade English muffins.

    And, of course, ballet… which reminds me how terrible of a blogger I’ve been lately… so I think I might mosey on over to my own blog now and write a quick update. Here’s to a fabulous February with lots of happy things in it!

  3. RO

    Ohhh love that fact you saw Natalia Osipova! That must have been gorgeous 🙂

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