And in this crazy life…

I feel a little like life has been happening at about a million miles an hour for the last couple of weeks. You know when everything seems to happen at once? Yes, that.

All good, I hasten to add.

I got a new job. Well, not new new, I’d been acting up in the role for the last six months but now it’s all permanent and official and suddenly I’m in charge and have responsibilities and Stuff. It’s a bit daunting and overwhelming, but also a bit exciting.

Then I spent three days getting to Orkney because we were thwarted by the weather and a sleeper train that never left London meaning we missed out flight. But after two trains, a bus, a ferry, an overnight in Edinburgh and an afternoon in Aberdeen we finally got there! It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I was 16 and I think I inadvertently left a whole piece of my soul behind, which definitely means I have to go back, right?

And on top of all that I got a new nephew. He is terribly cute and adorable (and looks exactly like my Big Nephew did as a brand new born) and it pains me that I’ve got to wait another three weeks to go home and see him. He’s going to be practically grown up by then!

Anyway, I’ve bought myself a yarn bowl and it is quite nice and calming in this midst of this crazy whirl…



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One response to “And in this crazy life…

  1. RO

    Congrats on your nephew! And good luck calming yourself down in this crazy whirl called life! šŸ˜‰

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