The ones that got away…

In my long and illustrious* pointe career, there has been one particular make of shoe that has, despite general agreement that they’d be ace for my feet, consistently got away: the Bloch Sonata. I’ve never been able to be fitted with the right length/width combination until now. I admit I’m a little apprehensive in case they don’t live up to the hype but hopefully we’ll wind up the firm friends that we’ve promised to be on more than one occasion in the shop…


Let’s just not talk about the giant holes in the toes of my soft shoes which haven’t been replaced because I accidentally spent that money on a new Designed by Alice skirt instead. Shhhhhh.

*lol, irony



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2 responses to “The ones that got away…

  1. My first pair of pointe shoes was Sonatas! They weren’t fitted right for my feet…I’m crossing my fingers that this pair is good for you!

  2. RO

    Let’s hope these are the right fit for you!! I’m looking forward to reading a full review of pointe class with these shoes 😉
    I currently have Bloch Serenades Strong, and they have been the best shoes I’ve ever had so far (only 3 pair up to now, but still….)

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