Something’s wrong

There is something wrong with the pair of the flats on the left. To quote Rolf Harris, can you tell what it is yet? 😉




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8 responses to “Something’s wrong

  1. Canvas feel so lovely but go so quickly! I’ve got a pair of canvas split soles (they look very similar – Bloch pro elastic?) that I’ve only had since Christmas and they’re in a right state already!

    • Yep, proelastic – I appreciate the lack of sewing and draw string that comes with them 😉

      I’ve had these since just before Christmas but I usually have two pairs on the go in rotation except these are my main pair at the minute owing to being in the ‘OMG SO COMFY YET SO DEAD’ stage!

  2. ummm….they are a bit pointy??
    Is that the answer??

  3. RO

    They haven’t been used because, probably, you still prefer using the other more beaten up pair, haha! I recognize this…..

  4. Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster blog award, you can read all about it here:! xxxx

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