April, numerically speaking

I really need I do something that doesn’t involve lying in bed eating chocolate and more resembles tidying my house before my guests arrive… I know my friends well enough that they wouldn’t judge me (much) if I hadn’t tidied before their advent but for the fact that the entire contents of my spare room are in the living room because the spare room’s just been decorated. Anyway, that aside, April has been and gone and I am about to hang another year on the line… So, by numbers:

Books read 22 (promising)
Traumatic train journeys with no reading material because I’d read all my book and my kindle battery had died 1
Kindle apps downloaded for phone in consequence 1
Ballet classes 18 (not bad given Easter and Time Away)
Pairs of ballet flats I have refused to acknowledge as dead 1
NON BALLET RELATED THEATRE EXPERIENCES 1 (2 if dancing on ice counts thereas), I saw Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit and it was EPIC
Ballets seen: 5 (although technically 9 because I saw ENB’s Lest We Forget programme of four pieces twice. I also saw the Royal Ballet’s Winter’s Tale but it’s LWF that’s staying with me)
Ballet companies seen 2 (English National and Royal)
Artistic directors of ballet companies I had a cheeky interval meet up with 1 (<3)
Knitting projects completed 1 (POOR SHOW SELF. Mind it was the Hat of Doom I knitted for Mutti which verily tried my patience…)
Times left London 2 ( Easter weekend en famille in Norfolk and a swift tour of Liverpool, Derbyshire, North Wales and Leeds)
Cuddles with my nephews: not enough
Bruises acquired from acting as wicket keeper in familial cricket matches: approx 10 per knee
Emotions had over watching Torvill and Dean performing Bolero publicly for the last time: quite a lot

On the subject of my poor dead ballet shoes, it's definitely time to say goodbye but I just can't…




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4 responses to “April, numerically speaking

  1. RO

    Wow those shoes are really, really dead…….

    • I know! I’ve been brave now and started wearing the new pair but tyre just not the same!

      • RO

        Haha I know.. they never are! I have shoes that have holes in them as well and somehow I never seem to be able to part from them!!

  2. wow! this pair of shoes is just .. awesome! it shows the amount of work you’ve done… congrats?? haha

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