May, by numbers

More years hung on the line: 1 (see me, I am so old)
Awesome birthday parties hosted featuring pony temp tattoos: 1
Glorious birthday days out had with the bestest featuring seaside, cocktails, cake and ice cream: 1
Books read: 19 (could do better)
Ballet classes: 20 (good)
Ballets seen: 7 or 10, depends on how you count repeat viewings…
Ballet companies seen: 2 (Scottish ballet’s Rom&Jul, Royal ballet in two triple bills: serenade, sweet violets & DGV (twice) and the dream, Connectome & the concert)
Knitting projects completed: 1 (I think, possibly my cloche hat with my Orkney yarn)
Knitting projects started and rapidly become obsessed with: 1 (Vivid by Tincanknits which I will probably blog about at length at some juncture)
Ballet bags lost and found on public transport: 1
Lunch breaks spent dashing about covent garden for replacement ballet things: 1
Minor injuries sustained that turned me into a rampaging hormonal drama queen: 1 (I slightly popped a rib, it was quite painful but I made a disproportionate amount of fuss, for shame)
Occasions hi-5ed by drunk men for being gorgeous: 1 (me and my pointe teacher have ALL the fun on our way back to the station…)
Times I was mistaken for still, grey and to all appearances dead during floor barre: 1 (oops)
Other exciting occurrences: 1 (my bestest became a home owner!)

Apparently my ballet is improving, I can’t quite see or feel it but am putting it down to no longer being stressed out of my tiny mind. However such occurrences as managing to do an entire sissone exercise the wrong way round do make me query this assertion from other people… We shall see, je suppose.



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7 responses to “May, by numbers

  1. RO

    Love the fact that your dancing is improving! Moving past the stage of constantly thinking and overthinking things and gradually growing towards the ‘just dancing’ phase in which you feel almost at ease with all the movements 🙂

    • I don’t know that I’ve reached that point yet, but I do know that now a lot of my work stress has vamooshed ballet feels different… Probably better, but I’m my own worst critic/enemy so who even knows!

  2. Don’t jinx it as I don’t own anything yet! (Despite being suddenly much poorer) Your birthday was ace, thank you for sharing it with me xx

  3. “Still, grey and to all appearances dead” – is that a Chalet School reference? If so, yay! If not, um, ignore me, haha.

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