August, by numbers

August feels a jolly long time ago right now. Mind you, as September is nearly over that’s probably why. Luckily for me, ballet didn’t stop over the summer and carried on as normal. I found *my* pointe shoe after just over a year in the shape of a Freed Classic by Maker Y, lovely and lightweight requiring no breaking in whatsoever. They have necessitated the purchase of some pointe shoe hardener because they just don’t last long enough! I also managed to spend the entire of august not working a full week to try and get through some annual leave whilst we’re quiet, that mostly involved catching up on sleep but I did have a super day out with the Bestest in which we found an amazing tiny tea shop. Anyway, on to the numbers:

Books: 18 (could do better)
Ballet classes: 19 (vg)
Dead right pointe shoes: 2 (Freed Classics by makers Y and 🐠, I then wore a mismatched pair of left shoes)
Ballets seen: 4 (Firebird, Marguerite and Armand, Concerto DSCH and Cinderella)
Ballet companies seen: 1 (the Mariinksy)
Knitting projects completed: 5 (excellent: 3 baby garments, 1 baby blanket and a ridiculous hat for me)
Times left london; 0 (fail)
Culinary adventures from the ‘one recipe per book’ challenge: MANY ( all awesome)
Other occurrences: some birthday adventuring, some BBQing, a lot of domesticity
Oh and the time we had to restart a centre exercise three times because I was incapable of counting to 8… Oops.

This is a beefeater amongst the poppies at the Tower of London (which I went to see twice with different friends who were visiting):



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