Dansolutions 2015 (and a giveaway)

Class starts again tomorrow (hurrah) so I’ve been giving mild consideration to my dansolutions for 2015. Beyond being less injured, I don’t have very many this time but the few I do are:

1. Keep a dance journal. Fortunately I received the perfect notebook for this for Christmas so I have no excuses.

2. Wear soft blocks (well deshanked dead pointe shoes) more for no reason other than the pointe shoe graveyard is getting a bit excessive now.

3. Sort out my dancewear as it’s taken over my room. So I’ve done that and thrown out all my manky tights, falling apart leotards and a few other things. There are, however, a few things that are still in good nick that have been rarely worn and are just not that ‘me’ anymore. They’re going free to a good home, so if you can provide that – just comment below! First come, first served because I’m too lazy to do anything else…


Leotards Bloch medium. Blue grey strappy with low back, navy blue with wide pleated straps.


Pink cropped cardigan with lace-ish edge, Marks & Spencer, UK size 12. Bamboo cotton brightly striped hand knit bolero.


Blue and purple hand knit stripes knee high legwarmers, multi coloured stripes hand knit ankle warmers with ribbon back detail, pale green short legwarmers.



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11 responses to “Dansolutions 2015 (and a giveaway)

  1. I’d be interested in the tulips by tracy skirt! Is that still around? How long is it?

    Btw: your 2014 dansolutions made me think about my own ballet aims for this year. Let’s see if knowing them will make pursuing them easier.

  2. Sarah

    I’d love the navy leotard. I started ballet two months ago and I’m only just getting up the nerve to maybe think about moving from my trusty leggings and t-shirt to a leotard and tights (it’s a scary thought, I might have to go for some dance shorts to cover the post-Christmas pot-belly as well!).

    BTW, I love your blog, I’m a knitter too, so it’s brilliant to find someone who knits and likes ballet, my two favourite things 🙂

    • I have never yet been brave enough to ditch either my shorts or skirt… I’ve rolled my shorts up super short but not quite got the courage to leave them entirely!

      My email address is over on the sidebar somewhere if you want to drop me a line with an address for the leo 🙂

      Happy knitting and balleting!

  3. Sarah

    Thanks so much for the offer of the leo, I’ll pay the postage of course 🙂 I did just have a thought though, I haven’t properly checked the size, you said it’s a M, I’m a size 10 do you think it would fit?

  4. Sarah

    Ooo, brill! I’ll send you an email with my address, thanks again 🙂

  5. I found your blog to see about knitting some tall legwarmers for my small ballerina and I see you are giving your original ones away or you were back in January! Do you still have them? We live in Ireland and I’d be happy to pay postage?

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