Running is for other people…

…except when it’s not.

I have never understood the attraction of running. Running around playing games (football, cricket, tennis, whatever), sure. But just running? No thanks, unless it’s for the bus and even then that’s under duress.

Except recently something changed and I found myself in Decathlon buying trainers and running kit. I downloaded the NHS Choices Couch to 5k app on to my phone. And I went outside wearing my brand new kit. I interspersed 60 seconds of running with 90 of walking.

Over the weeks the amount of running built up. I took my trainers on holiday and ran pretty much every day. I became *that* person who gets up at 6am and goes for a run. I went to a (very hilly) park run and completed it in 32:56. I went to a different (flatter) park run and completed in under 30 minutes. I stand an read running magazines in the supermarket rather than terrible scandal rags.

I’m not sure what happened, where the change of heart came from or where it will lead. My goal this year is to focus on running for half an hour and working on my 5k times. The first 2k are great, the next two are TERRIBLE and the final is just about getting to the end.

It’s helping a bit. I think. I’m struggling less with allegro in class now. I can get through the final 32 changements with a decent bounce. Running in the morning clears my head and I can focus more clearly at work. It’s a practical past time I can take on holiday in a way you can’t take ballet.

I became a person who runs. And 15 year old me is astonished by this fact every time I put my trainers on, go for a run and come back beetroot faced, sweaty, happier and more clear headed.


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6 responses to “Running is for other people…

  1. I almost became that person too. But then I busted my heel and got plantar fasciitis. And now its been 2 years, and I still can’t run. Not even to catch the bus. So I’m happy for you. You go girl! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! It still astonishes me that I have become that person (have wine is what autocorrect thought I wanted to say – that is not astonishing!). Bad times for your heel though.

  2. ugh. no. I’ll run if you chase me! A girl a dance with also does triathlons and all sorts of ridiculousness… I barely even do a stretch class. You are amazing.

    • I don’t do stretching, I am total fail at stretching. But I did need to do something that wasn’t ballet and everyone else was running… Triathlon just seems a bit too much like hard work though!

  3. Olivia

    That exact thing happened to me. I started running to lose weight and ran in the park near my house. It ended up being 3-4 miles…so when there was a 5K there, I ran that. I NEVER thought I would be doing this– and now I get up at 6 to run before work because here in the South, it is 80-90 degrees by noon and my Lab and I can’t take it. Crazy. It does clear my head and help me to chill out. Congrats to you, and good luck to both of us šŸ™‚

    • I’ve switched to running at lunchtime in the last week or so because I’ve been struggling to run on empty at 6.

      Good luck to you too!

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