About Me

As a small child my parents sent me to ballet lessons. I had a love-hate relationship with the lessons and in the end the hate temporarily won out but the love was stronger and I kept finding myself drawn back. I can’t imagine my life now without ballet, it’s the only time I can properly empty my mind. And my mind is full of a whole load of rubbish… who did shoot the deputy?

I learned to knit at primary school. I say learned to, I was a terrible disaster and shelved that particular life skill for about twenty years. Then a few Christmases ago I was bored and ailing under some kind of ‘man flu’ and convinced my mother the best idea she’d ever had was to try and teach me to knit. And she did, very successfully I hasten to add. Now knitting is what I do to pass the time.

I freely admit I am not one of life’s natural chefs. In fact until I went to university the kitchen and I were largely strangers. I spent my student years mostly making it up as I went along, crossing my fingers and swearing a lot. From the green sponge cake (no, I don’t know either) I’ve come a long way and when the yen to bake takes me, my colleagues are always incredibly grateful.

When not indulging myself balletically, knittingly or experimentally in the kitchen, I can generally be found in the company of either a good book or a good TV show or both. I have a natural tendency towards squeeful fangirl, my ovaries are in regular danger of implosion. I’ll read most books once – in fact I can probably count on one hand the ones I haven’t got through. I get over emotionally attached to my favourite TV shows, I have a weakness for strong casts and anything that can make my shippy heart go boom – a good period costume doesn’t usually go amiss either!

Finally, I really want a llama or an alpaca. I’m really not fussed either way but I want one or the other.


Get to the pointe...

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