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March, by numbers

The problem with using everything via apps on my phone is that when I try to log into anything properly, I forget my password and get locked out… Sorry, poor neglected blog – especially when April is whizzing by and I haven’t got round to rounding up March yet! So without further ado:

Books 22 (vg)
Books that made me cry in public 2 (the book thief caused ugly uncontrolled sobbing on the train and one moment, one Morning caused all kinds of unanticipated emotions)
Ballet classes 21 (vg)
Pairs of pointe shoes killed dead 1 (grishko proflex)
New pairs of pointe shoes to formed my toes with 1 (Bloch sonata)
Pairs of new flats holey and beyond dead 1 (Bloch pro elastic)
Pairs of new flats still in their packaging 1
Ballets seen 4 (good)
Ballet companies seen 2 (ballet black and Birmingham Royal ballet)
Pieces I cried at during ballet black’s triple bill (excellent, also apparently anticipated… Heh)
Times I left London 2 (good: the Shire and Manchester)
Cuddles with my new Baby Nephew 3 (also featuring a LOT of pacing)
Visits from the Bestest 1 (\o/)
Miles walked during said visit innumerable
Knitting projects completed 2 (a colour work hat for Mutti and a shawl for me, must knit more)
Knitting WIPs 1 (second hat for Mutti which is being quite disastrous)
Viewings of the Dancing on Ice tour 1
Emotions had over watching Torvill and Dean perform Bolero from the front row ALL OF THE EMOTIONS

Well, there you go…




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Something’s wrong

There is something wrong with the pair of the flats on the left. To quote Rolf Harris, can you tell what it is yet? 😉



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The drama shoema llama rode into town: a moral tale

I am spending my evening sewing elastics on to my new ballet shoes. No big deal, once I actually get started I’ll have them sewn in about fifteen minutes but I hate sewing so much that I’ll put it off and put it off and put it off until the last possible moment and then get all whiney sweary about how I have to do them nownowNOW and I reallyreallyreeeeeeeeeeeeally hate it. So, of course, I’m doing what any sensible person would do and I’m writing a blog post about it first. There is a moral to the story, however.

The thing is, for many years I was well served by Freed men’s top spin split sole canvas shoes (bottom left). I loved going to Freed, sitting on their ‘thrones’, having my shoes fitted properly and leaving with two pairs in different sizes to deal with the fact that my feet sit just either side of the half size. They fitted like a dream but I couldn’t help constantly wondering ‘what if’, I mean just what if there was a better pair out there for me… So when I went ‘back to the barre’ after my break-ette, I took to the intrawebz and ordered myself the top right pair which are Blochs. From the first wear I knew they were just ‘wrong, all wrong’ but I persisted with them for a few classes just in case but they were still wrong. Back to the drawing board it was then, and I wound up with top left pair – Capezios. Now these I liked, not quite as much as my beloved Freeds but almost. But the problem? I wore them to class twice and discovered the canvas had come away in a giant chunk from the toe sole. Now, I’m pretty hard wearing on my shoes but they tend to last a little longer than two classes. I sent a woe filled e-mail to the supplier (because I’d thrown out my delivery note, the packaging, pulled out the drawstrings to customise them but clearly the problem was a design fault) who told me to send them back and the replacement arrived yesterday. Hopefully they’ll last a little longer this time! I’ve also ordered a pair of So Danca split soles but they haven’t arrived yet, we’ll see when they do. In the interim I’ve gone back to my Freeds for a few classes and the moment I put them on my feet they felt oh so very much right. Moral of the tale? Maybe sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know.

Oh and the bottom right? Those babies are my new tap shoes. It feels fractionally weird because they’re the same brand that I used to wear as a child but I’m pretty much okay with it. I’m sort of apprehensive about going back to tap, I mean what if I’ve built it up in a rose tinted way that it was so awesome when I was a kid because nine weeks out of ten ballet was bog awful? But mostly I’m quite excited to do something else.

On the other hand, none of the above are these beauties:

My entirely impractical but totally fabulous killer heels that make my legs look both amazing and miles long. I can’t wear them for prolonged periods of time, I have to tape my middle three toes together to wear them, I have to go down stairs backwards in them and I certainly can’t walk any distance in them but, hey, when a pair of shoes make a girl’s legs look amazing then what’s not to love? Incidentally, I didn’t attempt to ceilidh in them at my friend’s wedding on Sunday – that was the juncture at which they got kicked under a table…


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…en sonnant les cloches d’enfer/RIP my red shoes


My favourite shiny red party shoes died horribly yesterday. Please take a moment to admire how beautiful they are (were, hélas). I was wandering around in the office and realised they felt slightly odd, turned my left foot over and realised they’d split straight along the middle of the sole under my toes. Irreperably. And the other one was heading the same way. To have them both resoled and reheeled would probably cos more than the shoes did in the first instance so, reluctantly and with grande tristesse, I binned them. My face, it was sad 😦

It did get me thinking about my ballet shoes though… my normal ones, not my pointe shoes. I’m probably going to be needing new ones in a month or so’s time, depending on how well they survive the wash. And, drumroll, I’m contemplating cheating on my Freeds. *gasp* IKR? I’ve always had Freeds since going back to ballet as an adult. I feel… almost sullied for even thinking it. Meep. I have time to contemplate it (and probably decide to stick with Freeds because I can easily get there on my lunch break, hush).

I can assure you though, my new shoes will not be pink. No pink ballet shoes for me. Definitely not never ever. *shudder*


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