…moi, je joue/Paris: redux

So I went to Paris. I bought all the biscuits (seriously, I bought a LOT of biscuits). I ate all the pain au chocolat (because it would be rude not to). I wore a beret and carried a baguette (could I be any more stereotypical if I tried?). Generally I just had an awesome time being back in France for the first time in eight years. I will leave you with two things:

1. Doing a fairly dreadful tendu fondu in third arabesque to an unimpressed man outside the Opéra

2. The Puppini Sisters. Please go and get them in your ears immediately.


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One response to “…moi, je joue/Paris: redux

  1. Oh Paree you were delicious (but smelt). A theme of my photies does seem to you doing ballet infront of things. Sadly FB uploader has only let me upload about half of them. Booo.

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