Operation Read All The Things

A couple of years ago I massively freaked out with the realisation that I would never manage to read ALL OF THE BOOKS. So I stopped revisiting old favourites and concentrated on reading new (to me, as opposed to newly published) things. Except now I’m moving house in a couple of weeks so I’ve been on a Book Diet and I’ve bought no new books since before Christmas.

Frankly this self imposed ban is killing me, doubly so as I’m about to start the last book on the to read pile (it’s The Human Factor by Grahame Greene which I anticipate being a bit of a dull slog) and I’ve still got about another month before I can legitimately lift the ban. Argh!

So I’ve decided, a little like Operation Cook All The Things, I’m going to reread all of my books. I’ll still be allowed to buy new ones under some kind of ratio system, the specifics of which I have yet to work out…

I confidently predict that Operation Read All The Things is a longer term plan than cooking all of the things but I’m looking forward to spending some time with some old friends, and probably charity shopping anything I can’t understand why I’ve kept in slightly ruthless fashion… Or just to make spare for more new books.

Long and short: books are ace. All the books. Photograph below is just a tiny sample of my collection, which in no way is a habit or a problem:



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8 responses to “Operation Read All The Things

  1. I have been reading tons since Christmas – both on the kindle and physical books. Loving it!

    • I can’t not read – nothing beats a good paper book, but i do love the practicality of being able to carry an entire library around on my kindle!

  2. katherinea

    I am traumatised, Nellie. No new books!

  3. Yay books! I just finished Gone Girl. Have you read it?

    • No, but i keep thinkjng i should… Although i can be quite contrary about things that everyone loves so I’m a bit wary of doing so!

      • Personally I loved it. I actually don’t think it’s one of those things everyone loves. I think it’s a polarising book – lots of people love it and lots of people hate it. I’ve recommended it to two people and one loved it and the other hated it (more specifically they said they wanted to burn it…)

  4. Trippmadam

    Your bookshelf looks about as crowded as mine.

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